Zygoma workshop and training

The course allow practioners to expand the surgical and prosthetic ability to treat advanced maxillary atrophy cases using zygomatic implants and prosthetic rehabilitation using fixed removable or fixed crown and bridge work.

Starting from knowledge gathered from routine implantologic treatment of patients, the program covers implant and prosthetic treatments for severely atrophic jaws. Participants will be provided a framework of the fundamental steps in diagnostic work-up, different surgical techniques and different prosthetic techniques. The lectures educate the participants in planning for classic intrasinusal implants and will be followed by a more advanced part describing the techniques of extramaxillary implant placement, Quad zygoma technique, fixed crown and bridge work and immediate loading.

Course contents:
Zygoma concept for rehabilitation of the atrophic maxilla
Indications and contraindications for the zygomatic implant
Surgical and prosthetic procedures and considerations
Treatment planning and radiographic considerations
Complications and follow-up
Hands-on training on plastic skull
Live surgery demostration
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